It's all about the games

Welcome to the Furnace Registration page!

To register for Furnace simply send the following fees via Paypal to: payment(AT) You will then be added to the list below:

  • £25 for the full weekend
  • £13 for Saturday Only (please state in Paypal)
  • £13 for Sunday Only (please state in Paypal)

If you cannot pay with PayPal, please contact the organisers using the email address in the header and we’ll work something out.

Please note that we only provide a refund in exceptional circumstances.

Accommodation is available by booking directly with the venue. It is worth mentioning that you are part of the ‘Games Event’ as this might provide a slightly lower rate for the room. Alternative hotels are also available in close proximity.


Graham Spearing
Elaine McCourt
Dom Mooney
Neil Gow (The Golden One)
Alison Lloyd
Kristy Smith
Steve Ellis
S Lee
Glenn Berry
Newt Newport
Dave Campbell
Nick Reynolds
Elina Gouliou
Pete Griffith
Chris Hughes
Glen Blythe
Tony Parry
Andrew Noble
Udo Kaiser
Dörte Boehle
Robin Poole
Malcolm McMahon
Fergus Hadley
John Ruddy
Lynn Yin
Lee Williams
Declan Feeney
Jamie Angus
Andrew Whiteoak
Remi Fayomi
Pete Atkinson
Arun Shankar
Gary Bowerbank
Paul Lawrence
Simon Beaver
David Dorward
Richard Brass
Paul Mitchener
Fil Baldowski
Paul Baldowski
Guy Milner
Hugh Dean
Matt Nixon
Simon Todd (Saturday Only)
Steve Hatherley
Peter Corney
Craig Williams
Sharon Narey
Elaine Narey
Andy Sangar
Barry Dakin
John Ossoway
Keary Birch
Simon Miller
Tom Zunder
Andrew Watson
Malcolm Coull
Darran Sims (Saturday Only)
Andrew Grant
Tim Gray
Jenny Bradbury
Mikko Heikela
Martyn Archer
Josh Fox (Saturday only)
Becky Annison (Sunday only)
Heathcliff Potter
Harriet Lowe
Andy Colgate
Jacqui Morton (Saturday only)
Steve Elves
Debbie Bagg
Grant Howitt (Saturday only)
Chris Taylor (Saturday only)
Mary Hamilton (Saturday only)
Andy Watson
Jag Goraya
John Davis (Saturday only)
John Reed