It's all about the games

Games for Furnace 2018. The timetable spreadsheet is here:

It’s fully editable. If you’d like to run a game, whether you have game details for me yet or not, go to the timetable, and enter as much of the following as you can:

1. Your name, in the Slot and location you wish to play.
2. The number of players you’ll be running for (in parentheses).
3. The system you’re running.
4. The scenario title.
5. If you have all your game information, you can also enter it on the Game Details tab against the correct slot.

An example filled listing might say, ‘The Cursed Tome, Call of Cthulhu 7e, John Smith (5)’. Please use this format for consistency.

DON’T move anyone else’s games. DON’T enter games for anyone other than yourself. Let’s see if this works!

GMs are able to book one game to play for every one that they run. All players are also able to pre-book one game.